Program Goal 

The goal of our program is to provide a safe, positive and enjoyable hockey experience for all players and to instill a love of the sport that will follow players into adulthood. To accomplish this the Nazareth Ice Oasis Youth Hockey Program instructs young players on the fundamentals of the game and the individual skills it takes to play. The program focuses on individuals with the aim of helping each player achieve their personal best. 


Teams are composed of players with a range of abilities and are kept small (with no more than 15 skaters per roster) to increase ice time and individual attention. Players with comparable abilities are divided up to play at their own skill level by line. During practices the kids are split up by age group into multiple stations along the ice.  Increasing the amount of repitiion for each player.

Game Play

Teams are created to keep talent levels as even as possible. This includes the possibility for trades throughout the season. This attention to detail makes effort is the key factor that determines the outcome of the game. For us, a tie score is the ultimate match success as it indicates maximum effort from players of equal skill. At the end of the season teams compete in playoff games for the Stanley Cone. 


As stated, the goal of our program is to help players achieve their personal best and to instill a lifelong love of the sport of hockey. We also strive to teach leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork and to provide a positive and supportive environment for players as they transition into adulthood. (See our Player Rules) In our conduct and communications we try to confer these values: 

  • Leadership: Be someone other players respect both on and off the ice. Play with integrity-knowing that fair play goes beyond the strict interpretation of the game rules and regulations.

  • Sportsmanship: Display a positive attitude and open frame of mind on and off the ice. Be respectful toward the officials, coaches, teammates and the opposition. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

  • Teamwork: Work together. Communicate. Pass on knowledge and encouragement to teammates, be patient with less experienced players.

  • Excellence: Be open to learning and work hard. Give your personal best during practices and games.