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Skating is one of the most important aspects of hockey, and often, the most overlooked.  The stronger the skater the better the player! At Nazareth Ice Oasis we believe it's important for children to have a good foundation of fundamental skating mechanics before they begin to learn the other skills needed to play hockey.

Our Skating School is one of the largest in the Bay Area and professional instructors teach all classes. Our three-step Skating School Program for Hockey Players helps young players quickly accelerate from fundamental skating to Starter Hockey to Rookie Hockey Camp, where sticks and pucks are introduced. In this way the program ensures fundamentals are in place before children enter the Ice Oasis Youth Program — giving them a step up in developing their hockey talent.
Our Program for Hockey Players

Our skating program for beginner hockey players is strong in developing fundamentals.

-3 Steps to a More Able and Confident Player-

Step 1:  New to Skating
(Classes: Tots Level 1 and 2, and Beginning 1) (30 min) Cost: $130 (6 wks), &145 (7wks) or $165 (8 wks)

•    Tots (Ages: 3-5) or Beginning (ages 6-12) Offered: Tuesday 3:30pm (Tot) or 4:00pm (Beginning); Wednesday 5:20pm; or Saturday 12:00pm
•    Entry criteria: No experience needed. These classes help get kids accustomed to being on the ice and being in skates.
•    Covers: Standing, gliding, proper way to fall and get up, introduction to backwards skating and stopping.

Step 2:  Introduction to Hockey Skating (Hockey 1 & Hockey 2 classes)
•    Ages 6 and up offered on Wednesdays at 5:50pm (40 minutes) or Sundays at 11:45am (45 Minutes) Cost: $285.00 for 12 weeks or $245.00 for 10 weeks. Wednesdays - will start April 5, and Sundays will start April 9.

•    Entry Criteria: Basic skating experience recommended.
•    Covers: Ready position, marching, gliding in ready position, swizzles, T-push, snow plow stop, forward stride, C-cuts, glide turn. You must test out of Hockey 2 to participate in Rookie Camp.

Step 3: Introduction to Hockey

•    Ages 6 and up 

o    Rookie Camp -- Sundays 11:45 am - 12:30 pm (45 minutes); . Cost of upcoming session: $245.00 for 10 weeks.  Dates: April 9 to June 25 (Not 4/16 or 5/28).

•    Entry Criteria: Hockey 2 (Pass)
•    Rookie Camp Covers: Stick handling skills and basic scrimmage skills.

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Our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. To learn more you can contact:

For Step 1: Susan Blaisdell, Skating School Director,

For Steps 2 and 3:
    For enrollment questions: Susan Blaisdell, Skating School Director:

    For questions about curriculum:  

In-House Hockey information can be found here.  

Or call 650-364-8090 during office hours for more information.