Style of Play

Effective Oct 1, 2017.  Added or updated rules are in blue.

Here at the Ice Oasis, we promote a different style of play than the typical hockey league. We give our referees the ability to speak to players to provide a safe environment for everyone to play in.

Ice Oasis follows USA Hockey Rules with its own amendments.

All leagues will use the 9-dot faceoff locations for all faceoffs. No more imaginary line faceoff locations.

Game Nights: All Leagues are co-ed.

  • Tuesday Night League: Advanced (half-visor ok) (unlimited goals per player)
  • Friday Night League: Intermediate/Advanced Mixed (half-visor ok) (3 goals per player max)
  • Wednesday Night League: Upper Intermediate (half-visor ok) (unlimited goals per player)
  • Thursday Night League: Intermediate (half-visor with mouth guard ok) (unlimited goals per player)
  • Sunday Night League: Intermediate Mixed (full face-mask required) (3 goals perplayer max)
  • Monday Night League: Beginner/Intermediate Mixed (full face-mask required) (3 goals per player max)
  • Saturday Night League: Beginner (full face-mask required) (3 goals perplayer max)


Team rosters will be set by the league.

Eligible Players

  • No drop-in or fill-in players allowed.
  • Players must be registered with IOAH and rostered on a team in the league in which they are playing.
  • Players must be paid in full.
  • Any team attempting to use an ineligible player will forfeit the game.
  • A player must play a minimum of five games to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night Leagues

Rostered players are allowed a maximum of 3 goals per game.

  • Additional goals will be disallowed and the resulting face-off will occur in the neutral zone.
  • A penalty shall be assessed if the referee feels the goal was scored to intimidate or "send a message."
  • Any player who subs into a game that is not his/her own will be limited to one goal for the entire game.  All additional goals scored will result in a face-off in the neutral zone.

Substitute Players

  • Subs must be rostered in the league in which they are subbing.
  • You must play your own game to be permitted to sub in another game the same night.
  • Subs will be limited to one goal for the entire game, unless they are an odd-man sub who switches teams, in which case they may score once for each team. This rule applies to all nights except the Tuesday Night League.
  • Subs will not be allowed to play in overtime. Subs must leave the ice before the overtime period begins.
  • Subs will receive their jersey on the players’ bench from the Zamboni driver. Subs shall not wait by the Zamboni doors.

Suspended Players

  • Any player attempting to play while on suspension will cause their team to lose by forfeit. The team will also have two points removed from their league standings.
  • If a player is assessed a suspension on a given night, that suspension must be completely served before the player may play any further hockey at the Ice Oasis. For example, you play both Tuesdays and Sundays and you're assessed a two game suspension on Tuesday night. You will not be allowed to play any hockey (league, rat hockey or skills classes) at Ice Oasis until you've served your complete suspension on Tuesdays.